Many of my new students have been singing for years but know it still just doesn’t feel right. Surely it should be easier? How do others sing so effortlessly? Why do I feel tense when I sing? Why do I feel like I will lose my voice after a show? Singing should be joyful and creative and not strained, analytical, and technique obsessed bore 24’7.

Your lesson is specifically designed for you and where your voice journey is at now. It's my job to teach you how to teach yourself so you don’t have to rely on long term singing lessons. This is my goal!


I specialize in vocal coaching that considers both technical methods and singing/voice for performance. Starting with leaning the correct vocal technique, I ensure my students can not only execute safe technique, but also have a great understanding of complex vocal techniques and how it works best for their voice. Most importantly, we have a holistic approach working together to develop and free your voice.


  • Your lesson is specifically designed to YOU baby! Specifically designed for your level of development and skill.

  • Every step of the way you are informed of what you are doing and why.

  • Muley voice studio is a safe environment, experiment, try new things, and be vulnerable without worry.

  • Mistakes are golden and welcomed

  • Walk away with your own detailed plan of action. An extensive array of exercises; tricks and tips to access, when creating your own super voice tool kit;

  • Never worry about what warm up exercise to sing again. You will have your own personalised warm up voice memo to play anytime.

  • Believe in yourself and your ability.

  • I am here to help you access your untapped talent.

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My 8 week


 is specifically designed for you!


Over 8 sessions you will more deeply grasp your own technique, coming away with a personalised vocal tool kit addressing things like your breathing, posture and vocal maintenance. Finally, a lesson where you can explore what works specifically for you. Perfect for those starting out and a must for anyone wanting to take their voice to the next level.


Bonus value pack included, containing your own Muley VC:

- Goal Setting and Music Folder ($50 Value)

- Water Bottle ($25 Value)

- Vocal Warm Up Straw Pack ($20 Value)

A total of $95 of value for FREE!!


The Epic '8 Week Technical Package' block is also advised those just starting out given its particularly good value. They are especially useful for artists working with timelines or on goal-based projects such as VET Music, VCE performance exams, and singing competitions. I specialise in preparing students for University auditions such as; WAAPA, VCA, NIDA, Showfit, APO, Griffith University.


We use these 8 lessons to set you up for success, taking the worry and stress out of auditions for you, by your side through the whole audition journey!


I always remind my students it takes a few weeks for your voice to adjust to the new techniques. My students often show significant gains in four to six weeks when everything starts to click, and epic change occurs. Now things get exciting!